Friday, August 26, 2011

Honoring Our Founding Leadership

In Memoriam
Gordon Wetmore
It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Founder and Board Chairman, Gordon Wetmore.  Gordon leaves behind the legacy of passion, for his own art, for helping others develop their talent and for his family.  He was a true leader and influenced the resurgence of representation art in America.  Gordon had a way of making you feel as though he had known you for years. He was the face of the Portrait Society and had a Southern Charm that welcomed members into our Portrait Family. His had an extraordinary gift of being able to easily relate and communicate with people. He will be remembered as a great man, a wonderful artist and a visionary.  You can visit our website to read more about Gordon's life and legacy, or visit our Facebook page to share your pictures, thoughts and comments.

Be a Part of Gordon's Legacy
Gordon Wetmore Legacy Scholarship Fund
A legacy is not simply something that is left behind, but rather is something that continues moving forward, building and growing beyond us as individuals.  This legacy scholarship was established to provide financial assistance to recently graduated art students who studied either at a traditional university program, academy or atelier.  The Wetmore family in conjunction with the Portrait Society of America established this scholarship in honor of our Founding Chairman, Gordon Wetmore, a man whose passion for his own art and for helping others develop their talent lives on through the organization he helped found.

The scholarship provides for continuing education by fully funding attendance at the annual The Art of the Portrait Conference for the recipient.  Scholarships will fund  travel, tuition, room and board.

Your donations will assist in creating and maintaining this scholarship fund.  Gordon Wetmore devoted countless hours to building what has grown to be the largest community of figurative artists in the world. Our programs and services are a direct outgrowth of his gift for teaching, mentoring and extending a helping hand to others. Help continue Gordon's legacy by donating to the Gordon Wetmore Legacy Scholarship Fund.

In Memoriam
Calvin Goodman
Calvin J. Goodman, influential mentor to artists and advisor to arts organizations, died in Los Angeles on August 17th, 2011 of natural causes. Known for his insight into the thoughts that motivate an artist, Goodman had an uncanny ability to help creative spirits discover and connect with the audience their work would speak to. Calvin served on the Portrait Society's Advisory Board since its founding in 1998.  He was a regular presenter at our conferences and the author of The Art Marketing Handbook, an invaluable resource for professional artists.

Monday, August 1, 2011

15% Discount Deadline!

This is a friendly reminder that today is the last day to take advantage of the 15% discount for The Art of the Portrait 2012. Already we have plans to add new programs, exciting Sunday afternoon events and a schedule of educational opportunities that you won’t want to miss. Join us in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown Hotel, the weekend of May 24-27, 2012. When you register for the conference by August 1, 2011 you will: 

1. Save Money - Early Bird Discount - 15% off your conference tuition

To show our appreciation for your commitment to attending The Art of the Portrait® conference, the Portrait Society is offering a special discount to pre-registered attendees. Register by August 1st and receive 15% off your conference tuition. You can save up to $68.25! This is a limited time offer. The deadline to receive the 15% discount is August 1st. Take advantage of this incredible deal today!

2. Receive First Selection of Breakout Classes

On Friday afternoon of the conference participants have the opportunity to attend smaller sessions on a variety of topics. These sessions on are on first reserved basis. Your registration ensures that you will receive an exclusive look at the program and the opportunity to be among the first to select your classes.

3. Exclusive E-subscription to the Conference Insider

The Art of the Portrait’s Conference Insider is offered exclusively to pre-registered conference attendees. Last year, Conference attendees received helpful insight and key information from Judith Carducci, Anthony Ryder, Thomas Nash, Richard Christian Nelson, Bart Lindstrom, Sherrie McGraw, David Leffel, Lea Wight, Alexey Steele and Nancy Guzik prior to the conference.

Register online today or visit the Portrait Society Conference page for more info.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Apply to the Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program is a project of the Cecilia Beaux Forum developed to support the aesthetic and technical growth of female figurative artists in America. The program fosters relationships between individual established artists and advanced emerging artists. From self and external critique of portfolios, to refinement of work habits and guidance on individual projects, the Mentoring Program seeks to build a synergy of methods to help you cultivate a healthy, successful artistic practice. 

The Mentoring Program is now taking applications for the 2010-11 program year. The application postmark deadline is August 15, 2011. Visit the Cecilia Beaux Forum's Mentoring Page or go to Upcoming Events on this blog to read in-depth about the application process.

Who Participates in the Mentoring Program?

Check out last year's Mentors' and Protegees' websites, and consider applying for the 2011-12 program year.
Download Application Prospectus & Questionnaire.  Have questions? Email Lauren, the Cecilia Beaux Forum Coordinator, at or call toll-free 1-877-772-4321.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Congratulations to the 2011 International Portrait Competition Winners

Congratulations! to the talented artists selected to compete for top awards at The Art of the Portrait Conference 2011 in Atlanta, GA. Of more than 1350 entries, the following artists were invited to exhibit their artwork for final judging: David Bowers, Scott Burdick, Casey Childs, Ellen Cooper, Rose Frantzen, James Hill, Amy Kann, Jeremy Lipking, Juan Martinez, William Nathans, Teresa Oaxaca, Evert Ploeg, Alicia Ponzio, Thomas Reis, Joel Spector, Ardith Starostka, Jesus Villarreal, John Seibles Walker, Patricia Watwood and HongNian Zhang.  

We'd like to share with you a few of the top award winners, and invite you to view all of the winners on our facebook page and the competition page of our website.

International Portrait Competition finalists are exhibited each year at The Art of the Portrait Conference. You can find out more about the conference on our website, and look for complete reviews of The Art of the Portrait 2011 in upcoming publications from the Portrait Society of America.  International Artist Magazine and The Art of the Portrait Journal will both feature photos, reviews and highlights from the event weekend.  In the mean time, check out Matthew Innis's blog, Underpaintings which features a two-part review (start here), as well as reviews and photos of conference demonstrations by Rose Frantzen and Thomas Nash.

Interested in attending? Find information and links to register online, by mail, by fax or over the phone on the conference page of our website.  Register or place your deposit before August 1, 2011 to receive discounts of up to 15% off member and non-member rates.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just Our Way of Saying Thanks for Attending the 2011 Conference!

The Southern Hospitality Savings program gives you, as a convention attendee, great discounts and special offers to make the most out of your trip to Atlanta. 

Click the link below to visit the Southern Hospitality card page on the site.  You can print out the web page and present it at many area shops, restaurants, gyms, spas and attractions. ►Click here to go to the Southern Hospitality website.

Thanks for registering for the The Art of the Portrait Conference 2011, held this year at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead, April 28-May1, 2011.  If you have not yet registered, but would like to attend, ►Click here to register online.  You can find more details about the upcoming conference on the 'Upcoming Events' page of this blog.  Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Deadlines! Deadlines!

We're kicking off this week with some important deadlines, and I want to make sure you're all in the loop.

Bid on the Signilar Complete Art Video Collection

Today, February 28th, is the final day of our Charity Auction. Bidding ends at midnight. I strongly encourage you to check out the remaining items, many of which are featured in previous posts. ►Click here to see available auction items.

2010 Best of Show
Galina Perova

Tomorrow is March 1st, the International Portrait Competition postmark deadline and last day to submit online.  If you are planning to enter online, I recommend doing so as soon as possible because we are already experiencing record traffic on our site.  To enter online you must pay via PayPal, so have a credit card ready. ►Click here to open the online entry form.

If you prefer to submit your entry the tried and true way, by mail, you can download the prospectus by clicking the link below. Directions of formatting and mailing your submission are included with the entry form on the prospectus. ►Click here to download the prospectus.

What a way to start the week! Best of luck to all of you in bidding in the auction and in the competition.

Golden Artists Colors Gift Package, Today's Featured Auction Item

GOLDEN Artist Colors' products are professional quality art materials that are continuously extending creative opportunities for artists and strengthening industry standards. The GOLDEN acrylic system is unique in the ways in which the materials can be used in concert and in combination, making blending and application opportunities endless. These exciting and often unexpected results feed the imaginations of artists across the globe, leading to breakthroughs in painting and art making and supporting a process of continuous discovery.

  • Gift Certificate for $200
  • Golden Colors Logo Apron
  • Color Chart T-Shirt - Adult LG Cotton

GOLDEN uses single pigments in the majority of their colors and actively searches out ways to maintain the highest pigment load among all major manufacturers today in their standard, heavy body, fluid, airbrush, custom and conservation colors

GOLDEN Mediums and Additives offer artists control of changing acrylic colors. They range in consistency from pourable to moldable. They may be used to create glazes, extend paints, build texture, change finishes and work as a gluing agent for collages.

GOLDEN Gessos and Grounds offer artists a variety of ways to prepare substrates for acrylic paintings or other art media such as oil, alkyds, charcoal, pastels and watercolor.
GOLDEN Varnishes offer several advantages to artists concerned about the longevity of their artwork. First, they are removable. Problems such as smoke damage, handling blemishes and dust or dirt accumulation on the surface of the painting can be removed along with the varnish. Second, GOLDEN Varnishes offer protection from UltraViolet (UV) rays generated from the sun. Third, varnishing consolidates the artwork with an even sheen. Gloss Varnishes can intensify colors while Matte or Satin Varnishes soften the color and minimize glare.

A $240.00 Value
Bids Starting at $160.00

Bid Now! ◄Click here to visit the auction and to place your bid.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Business Consulting & Coaching for the Artist in Business, Featured Auction Item

$550 worth of services for the Artist in Business.
You are an Artist, but you also want to make enough money to support yourself so you can keep doing what you love.  That means you also have to know how to build a business, particularly in these tough economic times.  These services will help you identify what's working and what's not, and create a plan for how to start building your business.

How Does it Work?
Coaching is a vehicle to take you from where you are to where you want to be. It’s not therapy, counseling, or a course of instruction. It is a process of identifying - with a professional ally - who and where you are, who and where you want to be, and the steps to take to reach your destination, with an agreed accountability model so you keep your commitments to yourself.

Deborah describes how she coaches:

What I offer is custom-made for each client. Typical components include vision and goals clarification, implementation, additional consulting services drawn from my years in business or in conjunction with my colleagues, follow-up, and on-going support as needed.
  1. The first step is typically a half-hour consultation for both coach and client to get a sense of each other and whether we can comfortably work together.
  2. Assuming we decide to work together, we agree a monthly rate and schedule a two-hour intake session, charged at the agreed monthly rate. In the intake session we agree your starting point, values, goals and objectives, and how our relationship will work.
  3. We then work together for a minimum of three months, typically three forty-minute sessions per month. Other schedules - two one-hour sessions, for instance - are negotiable. After the initial three months, the relationship is renewed on a monthly basis, the average engagement being one year.
  4. Coaching is typically done by phone; in person where practicable. During a session we look at whatever issue is current, action items agreed to from previous sessions, stumbling blocks, goals for the next week. I use a variety of tools to help my clients achieve their goals, and bring more balance and fulfillment to their lives.
  5. When we agree that the relationship has reached its appropriate conclusion, we have a completion session to review what we’ve accomplished together, and to wrap up any loose ends.

A $550.00 Value
Bids Starting at $183.00

Donated by Dancing Star International 
Bid Now! ◄Click here to visit the auction and to place your bid.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Half-Rolls of Professional & Museum Grade Wallis Paper, Featured Auction Item

Add a full roll of this excellent quality paper to your supplies. Bid now on two half-rolls of Professional & Museum Grade Wallis Paper. Wallis is a wonderful pastel paper that holds many layers of pastel and stands up to almost any treatment! The surface on the Wallis papers is a neutral pH, pigmented coating with an inert white aluminum oxide abrasive used to create the texture. The durable coating can be tinted or under painted using water, alcohol or solvent based media and will withstand extensive scrubbing and reworking. 

MUSEUM: The Museum grade of Wallis paper is produced on a 100% cotton rag paper. The paper is slightly heavier, with one more coat of primer on both the front and back surface of the paper. Museum is recommended for any technique that requires wetting the surface. Withstands repeated reworking of the surface - even scrubbing off and starting over!

PROFESSIONAL & BELGIAN GREY: The Professional grade of Wallis is produced on a substrate of neutral pH, archival cardstock. It is available in both white and Belgian Grey (warm neutral grey) color.

A $300.00 Value
Bids Starting at $100.00

Bid Now!◄Click here to visit the auction and to place your bid.

Donated by Kitty Wallis Papers

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jacob Collins Sculpting the Figure with Pencil, Featured Auction Item

Bid on this 3.5+ hour instructional drawing DVD featuring Modern Master, Jacob Collins, founder of the Water Street Atelier, Grand Central Academy and the Hudson River Fellowship.

Signilar Video Founder, Teresa Spinner writes: 
Jacob is drawing a frontal nude, a healthy, young gal who has both strong legs and a nice figure. But, the lesson that is so apparent on this DVD is how often and how carefully he measures as he goes. It is obvious that this is exactly how he manages to create such beautiful, lifelike figures in his paintings. He is so careful laying out the drawing of the figure and the shadow areas, the musculature and skeleton underneath, that he doesn't have to think about it after that. Unlike many others of us who get to the middle of the painting and find that our figure is off or the layout is askew, Jacob is constantly taking the measure of the parts and the whole. 

When he is finished, as he says, the drawing is ready to be finished or to be transferred to canvas for a painting. What was fascinating was how many different ways he measured and then how he stroked each line to indicate muscle and bone underneath. I believe what  Mr. Collins has given us in this DVD is a great deal of what he teaches at his Grand Central Academe. As he mentions, he does not have his students start with the mechanics of the body but rather measuring and carefully laying down each mark. That was also interesting to watch. Jacob seems to literally sculpt out the figure with his mechanical pencil. And, the great thing is that we have managed to capture everything he says, every piece of advice and lesson on this DVD. So, that you not only watch him create this lovely nude but you can hear it all even his humming at times. I sincerely hope you will watch this DVD many times and get as much out of your time with Jacob Collins as I did. 

Jacob Collins
Self Portrait Detail
Jacob Collins is a leading figure in the contemporary revival of classical painting. He earned a BA in history from Columbia College, attended the New York Studio School, the New York Academy of Art, and the Art Students League. As a student, Collins also copied extensively in museums in America and Europe. His work has been widely exhibited in North America and Europe and is included in several American museums. Collins is the founder of the Water Street Atelier, The Grand Central Academy of Art, and the Hudson River Fellowship.

Valued $219.00
Bids Starting at $73.00

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Monday, February 21, 2011

$100 Gift Certificate for Rembrandt Art Supplies, Auction Item of the Day

Gift certificate of $100 towards anything in the Rembrandt line.  Rembrandt artist supplies and materials for artists is a professional range of premium paints, pastels and accessories made in the Netherlands by the Royal Talens artist materials company. The Dutch company was founded in 1899 and has built a reputation among artists as a high quality manufacturer of art supplies.

The company sums up the characteristics of Rembrandt as being "maximum fineness, lightfastness and durability." The Rembrandt brand of artists supplies, named after the old master painter Rembrandt van Rijn, include a range of oil paints, acrylic paints, watercolor paints, pastels and artist quality brushes. 
Read more about all the products in this line, and bid on the $100 gift certificate you might choose to use toward:

Rembrandt soft pastel sticks are available in a variety of great sets. Rembrandt Pastel Sets are beautifully gift packaged with foam inserts. Choose colorful cardboard boxes or exquisite hardwood boxes with brass hardware; a landscape set, or a portrait set. Rembrandt pastels are unsurpassed in their purity and intensity. They are made from the highest quality pure pigments and are ground in an extra-fine kaolin clay binder to ensure that they have no hard bits or sharp edges. Full sticks measure 2-3/4" long × 7/16" diameter (70 mm × 11 mm), and are paper-wrapped. 

Rembrandt watercolor sets include a marvelous range of eighty colors, such as: Transparent Titanium White which is excellent for applying a very transparent veil-like layer, Super Transparent Azo Yellows and Reds, a full range of Transparent Iron Oxides for transparent earthy tones, and a range of granulating colors, such as cobalts, French Ultramarine and Earth Green for grainy effects.

Rembrandt Extra-Fine Artists' Oils are considered by many professionals and competitive manufacturers as one of the finest oil colors ever produced. Each color contains only the finest and most lightfast pigments and the purest quality linseed or safflower oil. Each contains pigment fine-ground on a triple-roll mill.  The new well-balanced selection of 120 colors has traditional and contemporary tones. This range includes extremely lightfast permanent yellows, reds, ultramarine greens and modern metal colors, plus a full complement of transparent glaze colors like Quinacridone Rose and opaque colors like Nickel Titanium Yellow. Four madder shades provide a full compliment of tones for artists seeking a range of permanent Alizarin Crimson shades.

A $100.00 Value
Bids Starting at $35.00
Donated by Canson/ Royal Talens
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View All Auction Items

Friday, February 18, 2011

Grand Hyatt Atlanta Getaway Weekend

Gift Certificate for a Weekend Stay - Enjoy a beautiful Grand Hyatt Atlanta getaway weekend for the 2011 conference or on any other weekend throughout the year.   

A tranquil retreat within a vibrant urban setting, this grand Atlanta hotel is set within the upscale uptown neighborhood of Buckhead. Experience the city’s legendary Southern hospitality within this bastion of elegance. Spacious guestrooms with generous work desks and deluxe amenities include irresistible Hyatt Grand BedsTM and luxurious marble baths. Enjoviews of our Japanese Garden at Onyx at the Grand, savor renowned Southern Elegant cuisine at Cassis or treat colleagues and guests to the culinary expertise of the outstanding catering staff.

Surrounded by the “Beverly Hills of the South,” area attractions, including the World of Coca-Cola Museum, the Georgia Aquarium, and luxury shopping at Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza are easily accessible using convenient MARTA transportation. Travel to this elegant Buckhead hotel is seamless; Hartsfield Jackson International Airport is just minutes away. Discover the best of everything within your reach at Grand Hyatt Atlanta. Convenient to Zoo Atlanta, the Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca Cola, Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza.  Located in Buckhead.

The Grand Hyatt Atlanta is the host site for the Portrait Society of America's annual The Art of the Portrait Conference.  This package is applicable during the conference dates April 28-May 1, 2011 or at any other point during the year.

A $400.00 Value

Bids Starting at $133.00

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Judith Carducci Specialty Pastel Set, Auction Item of the Day

The winning bidder will take home a 78 piece pastel set specially designed by Judith Carducci for portraiture.  This set of soft pastels includes colors that you will need to capture any skin type. The set was put together by artist Judy Carducci, and it includes colors for underpainting skin tones as well as finishing. An excellent set for any portrait artist.

Since 1995, Great American Art Works has been researching, refining and manufacturing soft pastels, and has discovered new materials, techniques, and equipment they use to create uniquely excellent pastels. These handmade pastels are richly pigmented, and have superb brilliance of tone. 

A $325.00 Value
Bids Starting at $108.00
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Item of the Day: Paula Deen Gift Package

Bid on the Paula Deen Gift Package

This Gift Package includes...

2 Signed, Special Edition Paula Deen Cookbooks
  • The Deen Family Cookbook With more than 140 recipes and dozens of beautiful color photographs, there's something here for everyone. 
  • Paul Deen Celebrates! offers 170-plus recipes arranged by menus for traditional holidays and other, sometimes whimsical celebrations like Elvis's Birthday and Movie-Watching Pizza Party in Bed.

Apron and Pot Holder Set
, black and white

Paula Deen's Silly Salt & House Seasoning

A $102.79 Value

Bids Starting at $60.00

Donated by Paula Deen

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Item of the Day: Southern Atelier Workshop Package

Workshops at the Southern Atelier
With Romel de la Torre & Clayton J. Beck III

Painting by Clayton J. Beck III
The winning bidder will attend both workshops at the Southern Atelier in beautiful Sarasota, FL. The Southern Atelier is a grass roots educational organization pursuing fine craftsmanship in the visual arts. With a focus on realist drawing and painting as an understood language, The Southern Atelier provides access to sound training.  The Natural beauty, luminous light and subtropical climate on the Gulf Coast of Florida has proved to be an ideal setting. Painters have the unique opportunity to improve their skills all year long, both out of doors and in the spacious, naturally lit studio.

Charcoal Wash and Painting
with Romel de la Torre
March 28-April 1, 2011 - 9:30-4pm
In this workshop Romel will share his creative technique and approach to charcoal drawing and oil painting. Artists will learn to use the elements that make a charcoal wash exhilarating and beautiful. He will emphasize composition, visual movement and improving upon drawing skills, value relationships, understanding edges and capturing the personality of the subject. Using his direct fluid painting style we will consider, color, edges, paint application, balance of shapes strong design and capturing the “feeling” of light. Learn to use the elements that make a portrait painting work as Romel provides individual instruction as well as critiques and group discussion.

Alla Prima Painting
with Clayton J. Beck III
February 25-28, 2011 -  9:30-4PM
This workshop is the classic Alla Prima approach to all prima painting of the portrait. The instructor will emphasize the importance of value comparison while working from the live model and students will learn to see values colors and edges in a way that will clarify their work with the portrait or any painting situation. Mixing of flesh tones and learning to create meaningful brushwork will also be an important aspect of the class. Demonstration will be purposeful and directive with individual attention given to the workshop participants.

A $950.00 Value
Bids Starting at $317.00
Donated by the Southern Atelier
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Give Back & Receive More!

Southern Atelier Workshop Package
With Rommel de la Torre & Clayton Beck III
Consider giving the gift that gives back to the arts and lets you give to the ones you love.  Several companies have joined the Portrait Society of America in an auction to raise the final funds needed to match our NEA grant which provided funding for the Inspiring Figures exhibit and educational programs.

When you take home one of the auction items, all proceeds will got toward helping us reach our goal. Take a moment to look over the items we'll be auctioning off over the next two weeks on our Bidding for Good Auction Site.

Bid Online Today  ◄Click here to view our auction.

Bid Now
Paula Deen Gift Set

With Two Signed Cookbooks, Apron, Potholder and Special Seasonings
We are offering quality items, packages and gift certificates from a great list of Sponsors...
  •  Golden Artist Colors
  • Talbots
  • Signilar Art Video Collection
  • Paula Deen
  • Great American Pastel Company
  • General Pencil
  • Kitty Wallis Papers
  • Southern Atelier
  • Terry Ludwig Pastels
  • Artograph
  • Grand Hyatt Atlanta
  • Art & Frame of Sarasota
  • Dancing Star International
  • Canson
                ...and many others.

Support the arts and bring home great items, from weekend getaways to exclusive workshop weekends, quality art supplies, signed celebrity items and more!

Bid Now
Complete Signilar Art Video Collection

Including Carducci, Collins, Silverman, Leffel and More...
Bid Online Today  ◄Click here to view our auction.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Welcome to Our New Blog!

Welcome to the Portrait Society of America's new blog. As I'm sure you've noticed, we've been hard at work creating a more interactive and sophisticated online profile. I hope you'll take a minute to browse our new website and blog and you find occasion to return to both sites often.

Updated Website

Our newly redesigned website (same address: is a place where you will find detailed information, forms and payment options for memberships, services and events. Galleries of winning artwork from recent competitions are also available on the website. We recommend using a Flash-friendly computer, notebook or other device to view the website.

You found our blog!

We will be updating this blog with upcoming events, recent artwork and announcements of things to come. Already, you can register for events, join and renew membership and find information about our organization. The blog is smart phone and tablet device-friendly. You can subscribe to our blog by clicking the button in the right hand column. Subscribers are notified when new content is posted.

'Like' us on Facebook

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