Monday, February 28, 2011

Golden Artists Colors Gift Package, Today's Featured Auction Item

GOLDEN Artist Colors' products are professional quality art materials that are continuously extending creative opportunities for artists and strengthening industry standards. The GOLDEN acrylic system is unique in the ways in which the materials can be used in concert and in combination, making blending and application opportunities endless. These exciting and often unexpected results feed the imaginations of artists across the globe, leading to breakthroughs in painting and art making and supporting a process of continuous discovery.

  • Gift Certificate for $200
  • Golden Colors Logo Apron
  • Color Chart T-Shirt - Adult LG Cotton

GOLDEN uses single pigments in the majority of their colors and actively searches out ways to maintain the highest pigment load among all major manufacturers today in their standard, heavy body, fluid, airbrush, custom and conservation colors

GOLDEN Mediums and Additives offer artists control of changing acrylic colors. They range in consistency from pourable to moldable. They may be used to create glazes, extend paints, build texture, change finishes and work as a gluing agent for collages.

GOLDEN Gessos and Grounds offer artists a variety of ways to prepare substrates for acrylic paintings or other art media such as oil, alkyds, charcoal, pastels and watercolor.
GOLDEN Varnishes offer several advantages to artists concerned about the longevity of their artwork. First, they are removable. Problems such as smoke damage, handling blemishes and dust or dirt accumulation on the surface of the painting can be removed along with the varnish. Second, GOLDEN Varnishes offer protection from UltraViolet (UV) rays generated from the sun. Third, varnishing consolidates the artwork with an even sheen. Gloss Varnishes can intensify colors while Matte or Satin Varnishes soften the color and minimize glare.

A $240.00 Value
Bids Starting at $160.00

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