Thursday, February 17, 2011

Judith Carducci Specialty Pastel Set, Auction Item of the Day

The winning bidder will take home a 78 piece pastel set specially designed by Judith Carducci for portraiture.  This set of soft pastels includes colors that you will need to capture any skin type. The set was put together by artist Judy Carducci, and it includes colors for underpainting skin tones as well as finishing. An excellent set for any portrait artist.

Since 1995, Great American Art Works has been researching, refining and manufacturing soft pastels, and has discovered new materials, techniques, and equipment they use to create uniquely excellent pastels. These handmade pastels are richly pigmented, and have superb brilliance of tone. 

A $325.00 Value
Bids Starting at $108.00
Bid Now! ◄Click here to visit the auction and to place your bid.

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