Thursday, February 24, 2011

Half-Rolls of Professional & Museum Grade Wallis Paper, Featured Auction Item

Add a full roll of this excellent quality paper to your supplies. Bid now on two half-rolls of Professional & Museum Grade Wallis Paper. Wallis is a wonderful pastel paper that holds many layers of pastel and stands up to almost any treatment! The surface on the Wallis papers is a neutral pH, pigmented coating with an inert white aluminum oxide abrasive used to create the texture. The durable coating can be tinted or under painted using water, alcohol or solvent based media and will withstand extensive scrubbing and reworking. 

MUSEUM: The Museum grade of Wallis paper is produced on a 100% cotton rag paper. The paper is slightly heavier, with one more coat of primer on both the front and back surface of the paper. Museum is recommended for any technique that requires wetting the surface. Withstands repeated reworking of the surface - even scrubbing off and starting over!

PROFESSIONAL & BELGIAN GREY: The Professional grade of Wallis is produced on a substrate of neutral pH, archival cardstock. It is available in both white and Belgian Grey (warm neutral grey) color.

A $300.00 Value
Bids Starting at $100.00

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Donated by Kitty Wallis Papers

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